It is no longer just women who want to take care of their line. Yes, men pay more and more attention to their weight and many people want to go on a diet. Their primary motivation? The look ! Being skinny to be beautiful is their goal.

Gentlemen, if you too wish to lose a few pounds to be beautiful, but also to preserve a good state of health and to keep in shape, follow our advice.


In men, muscle mass is much more developed than in women. Men have 7 to 8 kg of extra muscle, on average 1 kg of muscle eliminates 18 kcal per day at rest! You will have understood: they burn more calories every day than women, and this allows them to lose weight faster. Moreover, they tend not to eat much between meals, unlike women. Unfair, but real!

Men gain weight especially in the upper part of the body (belly, chin, neck …). A man is overweight if his waist is between 94 and 102 cm. Beyond these measures he is obese, and it’s time to go on a diet!

For this reason it is important to find a solid food balance, which allows maintaining physical and mental shape. The goal is to reduce caloric intake by doing regular sports. For men, junk food champions, it’s not very simple, but it’s absolutely possible!


To balance nutrition better, it is advisable to combine slow carbohydrates (cereals, potatoes …) with vegetable fats, proteins with vegetables, cereals with legumes (lentils, dried peas, broad beans, soy … ) or cereals with light proteins (eggs, lean ham …). For men, vegetarian or soup diets are to be avoided, because they are not very consistent. Balance meals according to the time of day.


To start the day well and be fit, have a good breakfast, it’s not the time to deprive yourself of it! For example, a quarter of baguette with butter, accompanied by a hot drink without sugar, a juice of 100% pure juice and a dairy product. If you want to start a more drastic diet, consume soy milk, cereals, honey, low-fat dairy products and eggs.


At noon, when the stomach claims hunger, resist temptation and eat balanced! Sandwiches without mayonnaise, with white meat and whole wheat bread. You can also associate meat with vegetables, yogurt and water. Avoid letting the dishes overcook over low heat, favoring cooking in foil, steam or pan. Instead of sauces, consume 0% white cheese, chives or lemon, for a light sauce.


This is no time to collapse: the evening meal must be light so that the body does not accumulate fat during sleep! Eat fish, oily fruits (walnuts, almonds …) and drink an herbal tea. For poor cooks, no one forbids you to come up with a simple, light and quick dish: pasta with fresh tomato sauce and a bit of Parmesan. Consume this meal up to 3 times a week.


It will never be enough to say, but the best way to lose weight is to play sports! If you start having a bit of bacon or love handles, it’s the ideal solution. Nothing is worth more than a good lap session to find a flat stomach.

To lose weight effectively, endurance sports are the best . Running, cycling, swimming, walking … Just choose! Avoid body building, because the fat will turn into muscle, the muscle is heavier than fat, and you will not lose weight!

The key to success is a regular practice, at least 2/3 hours of sport a week. Arm yourself with courage, guaranteed result!


When following a diet, the watchword is obviously “RE-SIS-TERE“. It will not be easy, but it is the price to pay for a few pounds less. Compensate frustration with sport. Our tips to resist temptation:

  • to remedy hunger attacks between meals, having a snack with fruit, cereal bars or a source of protein, such as ham.
  • during aperitifs, avoid alcohol as much as possible. Choose surmise sticks or carrots with peanuts
  • reduce the consumption of bread and cheese, which must be present only in one meal a day
  • eating fish foil at least three times a week is great for diet and health!
  • drink plenty to avoid the feeling of hunger.WEIGHT LOSS

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