The 5 slimming diets that work the most

Here are the slimming diets that work with the weekly menu to quickly find your weight and not go hungry!

Do weight-loss diets that work really exist or are they just illusions? Finding a diet that really works is not easy and you often find yourself wondering which is the right one to follow.

As you know, a diet is effective if it becomes a food habit and if it is, it goes hand in hand with exercise. No weekly weight-loss diet scheme is miraculous in itself: weight-loss diets that work are those that are followed consistently.

We offer you 5 effective diets to lose weight . These are light, fast, easy to follow diets. Sometimes a bit harsh.

They range from the diet without carbohydrates and without gluten to that of super metabolism. Let’s take a look at the rice diet and also the lemon diet to end with the whole eating diet.

The rule for all these weekly diet plans is that they last a maximum of two weeks: it is a fundamental element of restrictive diets .


The weekly diet schemes that we offer ensure excellent results in terms of weight loss, deflate the stomach in a few days and make you feel lighter immediately.

The diet without carbohydrates and gluten is a good example of a weight loss diet

Eliminating carbohydrates, refined sugars and gluten – such as bread and pasta – is a great way to lose weight fast.

The weekly menu of diet without carbohydrates and gluten includes the consumption of fruit , vegetables and proteins. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you can eat vegetable proteins found in legumes (chickpeas, beans).

Start in the morning, at breakfast , to drink a fruit smoothie to taste, made for example with a banana, half an apple and some strawberries. Do not add sugar, and blend with a little water.

For lunch and dinner , eat salads with eggs and pulses, or chicken breast and vegetables. If you are very hungry or do a lot of sports, add 2/3 rice cakes or 50 grams of rice for lunch and dinner.

Drink a lot during the day: perfect draining teas (if it’s hot, prepare them and put them in the fridge!).

Fruit smoothies are often recommended in the slimming diets menu

The super metabolism diet has a very precise weekly schedule

The super metabolism diet is divided into 3 phases that last 28 days in all.

It loses up to 7/8 kilos in a month (of course, it depends on how many kilos you have to lose at the start) through specific menus designed to speed up your metabolism.

The super metabolism diet is based on a precise scheme :

  • on Mondays and Tuesdays fruits, vegetables and cereals are consumed;
  • on Wednesdays and Thursdays fat is avoided altogether, and only protein and vegetables are eaten;
  • some fat but healthy foods, cereals and fruit are replenished on Fridays and weekends.

The scheme is very rigid, and also requires a physical activity three times a week and the respect without sgarra of the three weekly phases.

It is a restrictive but balanced diet . Like all diets, although it is effective , it cannot be followed for a long period of time, and must be replaced by a more varied regime.

If you are looking for a draining and purifying diet, then that of rice is perfect

The rice diet has a draining and purifying action and ensures excellent results especially if, in addition to losing weight, you also want to deflate the belly.

Based only on a few foods, it should be followed for a maximum of one week . We don’t take a lot of proteins, so even for this reason, it can’t be prolonged for more than a week.

For best results, choose brown rice, alternating it with cereals like barley, millet or rye.

The typical menu of the rice diet foresees at breakfast : sweet rice cream (rice boiled in plenty of water and smoothie), with a pinch of honey or with a side of red fruits.

At lunch : brown rice boiled in plenty of water, to be absorbed almost entirely (because even the rice cooking water should be consumed) + a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil + a fruit.

Dinner : rice soup (or spelled, barley) seasoned with boiled vegetables separately. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon, some fruit.

Let’s debunk a myth: you can lose weight even eating all the food!

The lemon diet, loved by the stars

Loved by Beyoncé and Jennifer Aniston, the lemon diet was conceived by Dr. Martine Andrè .

As the name implies, it is based on an intensive use of lemon juice with purifying , draining and therefore perfect ally to lose pounds , reactivate the metabolism , deflate the belly.

Four times a day, every morning, every night before bedtime and mid-morning and mid-afternoon, a glass of water must be taken with the juice of a lemon , two tablespoons of maple syrup and a pinch of cayenne pepper.

The weekly menu includes: at breakfast , a yogurt to which you can add fresh fruit and two tablespoons of oats.

At mid-morning , 8 almonds and lemon juice again. For lunch , salad seasoned with lemon and wholemeal bread or, vegetable or legume soup or shrimp and avocado always with the addition of lemon.

For a snack , carrots / fennel, or fresh fruit or a couple of oatmeal cookies and a glass of water and lemon.

For dinner , grilled fish seasoned with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil or chicken breast or an omelette accompanied by vegetables or whole wheat pasta with vegetables.

Before going to bed , the usual drink with lemon.

The diet (but not the fat!)

With the diet he eats everything , no food is eliminated, and he loses up to 6 kilos a month .

Balanced and fast, it drastically reduces the amount of fat to be taken every day: only two teaspoons of oil are allowed for lunch and dinner . In total 4 teaspoons a day which corresponds to the quantity necessary to absorb liposoluble nutrients, such as vitamins, which are assimilated only through lipids.

The type menu provides a co lazione a glass of water with juice of 1 lemon; centrifuged fruit or watermelon and kiwi smoothie; a cup of milk or soy milk (150 ml) and 4/5 dry biscuits.

Mid morning and mid afternoon , 125 grams of natural yogurt (without sugar and fruit) or 150 g of fruit.

Lunch , 60g of pasta or brown rice seasoned with 1 teaspoon of oil, cooked or raw vegetables and 2 boiled eggs (not more than 2 times a week) or a bowl of cooked legumes (beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas, broad beans). Alternate the pasta with, rice, kamut.

Dinner , vegetable soup seasoned with 1 teaspoon of oil; 200 grams of steamed, baked or baked fish with fresh aromatic herbs; seasonal vegetables cooked in a little vegetable broth. Instead of fish, 150 g of turkey breast or skewered chicken without skin (once a week) or stew or soy cutlet, or a slice of chickpea farinata. A fennel and / or lemon balm herbal tea.


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