No more confusion between nutrition and nutrition

Nutrition and nutrition are not synonymous. There is a big difference between “throwing something down for lunch” and taking on the foods that support our body in all its functions. Don’t you agree? Read here


There is a subtle borderline between the terms nutrition and nutrition. However, it is often not known. Let’s look at the specific meaning of the terms immediately.


Nutrition is simply the supply of food to the organism, which through metabolism will extract energy and essential substances to regenerate and stay healthy. Eating means introducing food into the body.


Nutrition is the science that studies the correct intake of food principles  through food and nutrition. Each food is made up of a certain number of simple substances, belonging to one of the three main groups ( carbohydrates, lipids and proteins ), which in a different way contribute to the construction of our organism and to the maintenance of its health.

Eating means giving our body all the substances it needs to stay healthy.


Nutrition and nutrition

Nutrition rhymes with nutrition only when the food is balanced , rich in substances that can regenerate the body and keep it healthy.

To be clear, pre-cooked, pre-packaged , super-refined foods based on the fast food model are part of our diet but have no nutritional effects of any kind. They provide only ” empty calories “: energy and substances that can even poison and make our body sick. We are increasingly super-nourished but under-nourished, constantly lacking vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Our example must be small children and wild animals. In them nutrition is nutrition: they eat only the foods that they “like”, that is, that they instinctively recognize as nutritious and healthy, do not eat more than necessary, if they are sick they do not eat.

Some advice for a “nutritious” diet

We suggest some useful food for the physiological well-being of the human body:

– Organic food

– High quality protein (soy, lupine, blue fish, white meat, fresh goat cheese)

– “Good” fats : cold pressed extravirgin olive oil, linseed

– Fruits and vegetables in season , fresh

– Unrefined whole grains: the fibers slow the absorption of sugars, and keep the intestine clean

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