May Slimming Diets: Lose Weight With The Lemon And Rice diet

May weight loss diets are different and help you lose weight a few pounds quickly. They are based on the consumption of foods that reactivate the metabolism. Among the most popular: the lemon diet and the rice diet.

The lemon diet is known because it allows you to lose weight and cleanse your body. It is a purifying and draining diet thanks to the properties of the lemon. The lemon will be used diluted in water especially in the morning to drink half an hour before breakfast, as well as using it as a condiment for vegetables, legumes or grilled fish. Let’s talk about a shock diet that makes you lose weight in a short time but that can be followed for a maximum of ten days: it provides a first phase of 3 days that will be used to purify the body, as it happens for the detox diet.

Lemon Water

Then follows a 7-day phase in which we follow a menu that can make you lose up to 3 kilos: the foods allowed, in addition to lemon, are fish, white meat, vegetables, legumes, fruit, especially red fruits and dried fruit, in particular, excellent almonds as a snack. After this short period of time it is important to consult a nutritionist to follow a balanced diet that does not make the lost pounds resume. The rice diet is among the most sought after in the spring as it manages to make you lose weight and get back in shape quickly by eating lightly. Rice is a food with a satiating and purifying power that helps eliminate toxins, fighting water retention.

The rice diet includes a shock phase. The first 3-day phase is used to detoxify the body, the second phase, which lasts 9 days, is the most rigid as it involves the prevalent consumption of rice: it is at this stage that Fastest Weight you can lose up to 5 kilos. In addition to rice, fish, Loss Program white meat, vegetables and vegetables to eat as a side dish are the foods allowed: it is a diet that can also be followed by celiacs or those who want to follow a gluten-free diet. After the days of the diet it will always single: lose weight 5… be necessary to follow a varied and balanced diet to maintain the achieved weight.

During any type of diet it is necessary to follow a regular physical activity and drink at least eight glasses of water a day. In any case, as always, we recommend, in the diets published on our site, to seek the advice of your doctor before starting any dietary diet.

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