Fitness Tips To Lose Weight

Exercise is the only way to burn calories and therefore reduce the body’s fat deposits: roll up your sleeves and wear sneakers!

The two factors that prevent people from losing weight with exercise are previous injuries and boredom – explains Federica Tresoldi, a physical trainer from the Como area – Knowing that running for an hour allows you to burn a large amount of calories, it won’t help you if you don’t want to do it! Start with something you know you can and want to do, like walking or using an exercise bike “.

In this way, in fact, you will be more stimulated to dedicate yourself to physical exercise which, in case you want to Lose Weight , will have to coincide more with a cardio respiratory activity than with training aimed at improving strength.

“The training aimed at increasing strength does not lead to an appreciable loss of weight because it simply does not allow you to burn enough calories – continues Federica – The fact that more muscle mass equals greater caloric consumption, even when you are at rest, it is only a false myth ».


In fact, as proved by the best hypotheses presented during countless clinical studies, earning a kilo of muscles would allow you to burn five to ten extra calories a day, a result that could easily be achieved even by chewing gum.

This clearly does not mean that training focused on increasing strength is not important for body health, but simply that, when it comes to burning more calories, it is always better to opt for an aerobic workout .


Alternating high and low intensity workouts or even merging in the same workout exercises from different sports then allows not only to escape from boredom, but also to involve different muscle groups and then train the body completely.

” Cross training also allows lowering the chances of injury – adds Federica – since performing the same movement day after day can create harmful pressures on the joints, a much less frequent condition in cases of cross training”.


Here is Federica’s advice for planning a constant and useful physical activity for a healthy weight loss:

– train with a trusted partner : “having the responsibility for training someone else, even if your Labrador, is very useful for maintaining a certain consistency – Federica explains – Often it is much easier to say no to yourself than to to someone else “;

– plan your workouts so that you can schedule your physical activity much earlier and have no excuse to steal;

– you weigh every day and time the duration of your training , so as to keep track of your progress;

– don’t be in too much of a hurry : «starting your program by training six days a week is a mistake – comments Federica – by doing so, most people end up hurting themselves the first week and then immediately surrender»;

– finally, cooking more often : «portions and calories are out of control when you eat out – Federica concludes – you will be able to eat healthier and less caloric meals by cooking and eating at home. Reserve the restaurant for the most special occasions, and keep yourself in business even on social occasions, offering friends a walk or a trip out of town rather than a Lucullian dinner! ».


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