Exercises To Lose Weight: The Best To Do At Home

Lose weight with simple and safe exercises to do at home, to combine with a healthy lifestyle, then a controlled diet.

The stressful lifestyle, a sedentary lifestyle, food binges have inaugurated the era of overweight, one of the most widespread problems in the Western population. As a result, more and more people rely on the advice of an experienced trainer to lose weight through physical activity. But which are the most suitable exercises to perform at home, even in complete autonomy?

First of all, it should be emphasized that weight gain is not only the result of an unregulated diet but can also be the consequence of some underlying diseases. For this reason, before embarking on an independent training course, it is always advisable to seek an opinion from the doctor. Furthermore, it seems superfluous to underline how physical exercises cannot solve the problem on their own without an adjustment of diet and lifestyle.

Weight loss: an integrated approach


As already mentioned, the goal of weight loss cannot be achieved solely with sport, even if physical activity is fundamental in this process. An integrated approach is therefore needed, which takes into consideration all those elements of risk with which the subject fills his everyday life.

The first step is obviously to monitor one’s diet. When choosing a weight-loss diet, you will have to go to your doctor or specialist, in order to work out the most suitable path for your metabolism. When instead the goal includes the loss of little weight, perhaps those pounds have taken during the summer or after the holiday season, an excessively privative diet will not be necessary. Usually, it is enough to eliminate the high-calorie products and junk food from the table, to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables during the day, to replace water with sugary drinks or alcohol. In the absence of particular needs, or in any case of certain personal pathologies or hypersensitivity, the model of the Mediterranean diet it is more than enough to guarantee good results.

It then continues, eliminating or reducing all those habits that have a certain influence on the accumulation of weight. Suggested is to find moments of adequate relaxation during the day, to get rid of stress, so make sure you have a complete rest on a comfortable mattress, for at least 7-8 hours a night. Add to this the elimination of smoke and alcohol and, at the same time, a rejection of a sedentary lifestyle. All this even with small details: after a day at the computer in the office, the stairs are preferred to the elevator. And, again, choose the bicycle instead of the car to get to the workplace, avoid public transport for those short stretches that could easily be covered even on foot, do regular stretching even in front of the desk.

Finally, integrate physical exercise, both with targeted exercises in the company of a personal trainer and at home.

Home exercises for weight loss


After consulting your doctor to understand which physical effort is actually compatible with your condition, and have learned the basic techniques with the help of an expert, you can proceed to self-home exercise. Simple exercises, on average safe, but with excellent results. Here are some:

  • Step on the stairs: a quick way to lose weight is to stimulate aerobic activity. To do this, the classic step exercise is sufficient, choosing the first step of the housing ladder if you do not have the appropriate tool. Go up and down the step alternating the feet, at a moderate speed, repeating 10 movements for 5 series each. At the same time, the trunk is tilted to the right and left, in the opposite direction from the raised knee, keeping the arms extended and parallel to the shoulders;
  • Rope in the garden: always on the subject of aerobic exercises, an easy way is to jump rope, especially if you have a small garden or an open space. About 30 jumps are carried out at a high frequency, without too much fatigue in the body, keeping the feet together. Perform about four series, with a couple of minutes of rest between one and the other;
  • Squats in the living room: one of the most suitable exercises to lose weight, to firm the buttocks and tone the legs, is certainly that of the squats. Loved and hated because very tiring, even with obvious effects, it can be comfortably performed even in the living room, perhaps in front of the TV. It starts with bland training, about five repetitions for three total series, and then increases by two units at a time as you become more familiar with the training;
  • Abdominals in the corridor: there is no better abdominal exercise to dissolve the fat accumulated on the stomach. To do this, lay down on a mat in a sufficiently long room, such as the corridor, and perform ten lifts in two separate series, to be later increased with practice. Remember to keep your legs taut and resting on the ground, then place your hands behind your head and widen your elbows as far as possible outwards;
  • Yoga in bed: we must not forget the power of relaxation and meditation techniques to reduce stress, one of the leaders of weight accumulation. Therefore, before going to sleep, a yoga position as easy as that of the lotus is suggested. Sitting cross-legged on the bed, they place their hands open on their knees, with the palm facing upwards. By controlling your breathing, inhaling and exhaling deeply, you keep your back straight, relying on your abdominals. Meanwhile, we try to focus on positive and relaxing images, like a large expanse of flowers. There are no definite times, also given the ease of exercise, it is, therefore, advisable to proceed until adequate relaxation is achieved.

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