7 Fitness Tips For 2019

2019 has already begun and it’s time to start training hard again to achieve the goals of this new phase. The promises are many, but the truth is that around 25% of people give up their commitments before they start. More than 1/3 of these people renounce their intentions already in February. The reasons are the most diverse, but no excuse is so strong if the motivation remains high. Some external factors, such as the weather and the time of day you are training can interfere with performance. One thing is sure, there are no miraculous supplements for motivation! To move forward you must have willpower.

How to self-motivate myself and be able to train all year long?

  1. Set real goals.

There is a big difference between goals and the definition of realistic goals. Don’t be overly ambitious. This means that you must strive to reach a goal within your reach, therefore, a goal that can be achieved in 12 months. This way, you can avoid future frustrations. Write your goals for this year. Avoid words like “hope”, “try” and “maybe”. Use verbs like “want” and “succeed” instead.


  1. Find a program that fits your needs.

Jay Cutler, Jamie Eason, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Phil Heath, among other icons of the bodybuilding world have always followed programs tailored for them. If you don’t know where to start, find a training program that fits your goal and your experience .

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  1. Relate with people who practice physical activity.

Stay close to people who are already in the habit of playing sports, they can be of great help with regards to motivation. However, don’t change your goals to please other people.

  1. Practice a sport that really satisfies you.

In this way, the hypotheses of losing the motivation will be minor.

  1. Commemorate small successes.

Many people desist from the commitments made for the new year already during the first week as they do not see the expected results. Clearly, great results need time. Concentrate on small victories. If you’ve never trained, or if you’ve never done it consistently for 7 days, also celebrate a small (but important!) Victory. You can’t lose 5kg in a week, but you can lose 1.5 or 2kg, which means you’re on the right track. Appreciate the small differences that you find in your body and that derive from your effort, because they are a step forward towards the great differences you will see over time.

  1. Check your habits.

You must have a program for everything. Find a gym near your workplace or home to have no excuse. Meals, workouts and rest time must be well defined. Time spent at rest is a very important part of any training routine. Without rest, the body cannot recover the energy consumed.

  1. Participate in competitions.

Participating in a marathon, a competition for bodybuilders, or any other competition, serves to reinforce your commitment. In the worst case scenario, the last place is guaranteed. This strategy can be used to stimulate and strengthen your motivation in order to continue to train, improve your body and your performance day after day.


The American College of Sports Medicine , one of the most important institutions of health and fitness in the world, again this year, carried out a questionnaire with the aim of determining what are the sporting trends for 2017.

Research has confirmed the trends of past years. At the top of the table we find free-body training, which has displaced high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Free-body training entered the podium in 2013, and now occupies the first place. Exercises that can be performed free-form certainly have the great advantage of not requiring any type of material and being able to be integrated into any training program.

Activities like Zumba, Pilates or indoor cycling are losing popularity.

Top 10 fitness trends for 2019:

1 – Body training

2 – High intensity interval training (HIIT)

3 – Certified and experienced fitness professionals

4 – Strength training

5 – Personalized training

6 – Exercises to lose weight

7 – Yoga

8 – Physical activities for people with physical problems

9 – Functional training

10 – Personalized group training

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