3 Minutes Of Exercises That Count As Half An Hour Of Gym: Which To Do

A 180 second high intensity workout to lose weight quickly and stay in shape without too much effort.

Three minutes of exercises that are worth half an hour in the gym : an impossible dream for all people who want to lose weight quickly or stay in shape without too much effort or a really effective intense workout ?

According to the theory of Kusal Goonewardena , a physiotherapist from Melbourne , reported by the Daily Telegraph Australia , it is possible to have excellent results with a 180-second workout ! Performing fitness exercises intensely for such a short period of time would allow you to get the same benefits as a moderate 30-minute workout at the gym.


For the physiotherapist, who has also collaborated in the training of Australian Olympic teams, people who enroll in the gym generally feel compelled to engage in longer and less intense workouts as time passes and their physical conditions improve.

The proposed Goonewardena is based on ‘ Training High Intensity Interval recording ( HIIT in English, High Intensity Interval Training ), a workout program with cardiovascular exercises to lose weight and firm up .

HIIT, High Intensity Spaced Training

This type of short and fast training is popular in the United States , and is normally performed for a very short period, although slightly longer than three minutes.

The typical HIIT session consists of 20-40 seconds of high intensity exercise , followed by a short rest period. This exercise-pause sequence is then repeated 10 or more times.

Several studies have proven that this workout helps weight loss , speeds up the metabolism and allows the body to continue burning fat up to 24 hours after finishing the exercises.

Furthermore, a 2014 study found that people who followed HIIT training rather than low intensity training, such as an hour of jogging, were more likely to have fun during the exercises and perform them consistently over time.

3 minute HIIT: what exercises to do

Before starting the exercises it is good to make sure of your state of health, be sure you know how to do it correctly and do not start until you have warmed up the muscles a little .

The training includes a rapid succession of eight free-body exercises – no tools required – with ten repetitions each interspersed with small pauses. They can also be performed several times a day. The exercises are:

  • 10 jumping jacks (starting from the standing position, with arms at your sides, with a hop you bring your arms up and open your legs, with another jump you return to position);
  • 10 run knees high (a run on the spot bringing the knees as high as possible);
  • 10 push-ups (in the most difficult version you can do)
  • 10 squats (in the most difficult version you can do);
  • 10 lunges (10 lunges per leg, for a total of 20);
  • 10 burpee (the exercise, typical of Marines training, is a sequence in which you jump with your arms up, bend over on your knees, put your hands on the ground, with a hop you bring your legs back with more they retreat into position and start again with the jump);
  • 10 sumo squat (squat with spread legs)
  • 10 jumps with squats (jump as high as possible, bringing the arms up, spreading the legs during the jump and closing them by landing).

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