10 Ways To Slim Your Legs

From the exercises to slim down the thighs to the ad hoc diet: here are 10 ways to lose weight the legs to put into practice immediately.

There are many ways to slim down your legs , lose extra pounds and stay in shape , from exercises to slim down your thighs to an ad hoc diet . Fitness and diet , in fact, must be revised, along with lifestyle and habits, to understand how to lose weight quickly .

Legs and calves , along with thighs , hips and arms , are the points of the body in which fatty tissues and excess pounds tend to accumulate : to succeed in the task of getting rid of them, we need a slimming diet and a targeted workout .

Let’s see, then, 10 ways to lose weight the legs to put into practice.

  1. Drink coffee . Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals that obese subjects, whose diet was rich in coffee, significantly increased their metabolic rate, and even middleweight subjects lost more weight.
  2. Add calcium to your diet . Calcium is essential to promote muscle growth, but also to help burn too many calories.
  3. Eat more citrus fruits . Oranges and grapefruits, but also lemons for seasoning, are perfect for those who want slim and toned legs, because – according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition – thanks to the polyphenols they contain more fat. The vitamin C they contain, then, is useful after training because it fights inflammation.
  4. Stand up on the tips . Not only gym: even during the day you can cut out small moments to lose weight and tone your legs. Practice lifting yourself on your toes when standing, while brushing your teeth or waiting for the bus. It will help to get rid of excess fat, tone muscles and activate metabolism.
  5. Squat . Squats should be included in fitness activities at least every other day, because they allow you to tone your thighs, buttocks and calves in a short period of time.
  6. Increase training intensity . According to research published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the increased intensity of workouts for those who need to lose weight has improved blood sugar levels, making it less likely that excess body fat will be retained.
  7. Alternate workouts of different identities . According to research published in the Journal of Obesity, alternating high intensity workouts with moderate intensity workouts helps reduce body fat and stimulate metabolism.
  8. Use the leg press . In the gym, exercise with the leg press, the leg press: it helps to work the hamstrings, buttocks, quadriceps and calves, increasing metabolism. To lose the extra pounds add unnecessary weight, better to increase the repetitions with a light load.
  9. Do the lunges . The lunges are very useful exercises, stretching and toning at the same time, which train the entire lower part of the body and also keep the core busy.
  10. Walk . If you don’t have time for the gym or you are allergic to enclosed spaces, you can still tone your legs and lose the fat weight with regular walks, better if you do it every day at a fast pace for at least 30 minutes.

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